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21 февраля 2018, 10:34

Sugarpill Cosmetics Teams Up With Sanrio’s Little Twin Stars For A Gorgeous Collection

Stay on target

Little Twin Stars, otherwise known as Kiki and Lala, are the stars of a brand new collaboration between Sugarpill and Sanrio. There’s a new, absolutely gorgeous line of beauty products that incorporate both the imagery and colors from Sanrio’s most angelic characters, and Sugarpill has made it available to the masses. The collaboration brings us a capsule collection with both an eyeshadow palette and liquid lip color duo that’s painfully cute, and I need it on my face right now.

First up is the six-shadow eyeshadow palette for $38, which offers the shades Cloud Maker, Twinkle Twinkle, Dream Dust, Wish, Star Ribbon, and Sky Candy. They’re pretty versatile and can be worn as blush or highlighter if you so choose, though obviously, you’re not going to want to apply as much pigment if that’s the direction you’re going to go in.

Then, the Kiki and Lala lip duo comes in aqua and bubblegum pink with gold sparkles to make a statement with your lips. These are obviously a lot more attention-grabbing than the eye palette since they’re way brighter, so they’re certainly for the bold. They look super pigmented though, and probably only need one swipe for a bright payload of color.

If you truly can’t decide between the palette or the liquid lip color duo, you might want to opt for the complete collection, which comes with a special makeup bag that you can store everything in, as well as some particularly adorable packaging.

If you’re interested in picking up one or all of these items, head over to Sugarpill Cosmetics to get your fill of some of the cutest makeup around. I’m just hoping by the time I get around to snagging one, it’s still up for grabs and not sold out. That would be a crying shame, right?

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Source: https://www.geek.com/anime/sugarpill-cosmetics-teams-up-with-sanrios-little-twin-stars-for-a-gorgeous-collection-1731447/?source